What Distinguishes Us –A Closer look

The Objectivity of Track & Field

The uniqueness of track & field is that you run against a clock. The F.A.T. clock is the standard that doesn’t change, have a bad day or can be swayed subjectively. We’ve all blamed referees, umpires, or bad spots on the field, but in track all factors are consistent and equal. Sooo it only boils down to you. Track allows you to measure you on a consistent basis, and because the clock doesn’t change, you must.
Its ALL about competing. Afraid to fail, never reach full potential. You learn from ‘failing’

What is unique about our program is that we emphasize the necessity for program customization based on the athletes current physical abilities, the goals and.  When it boils down to it, we are all just as unique as our fingerprints, and so what works for John just may not work for Mike. And even if Melissa and Megan are twins, the approach to their individual success must often take different paths.  With our Olympic caliber training center, we have the ability to constantly modify the athletes’ program design as their needs change and performances improve. This way they remain stimulated and developing versus becoming stagnant, or even worse hitting a plateau.  In a cookie cutter program where everyone runs the same and trains the same just won’t cut it for optimum benefit.
Segmented Movement Training

We learn in pieces, like a puzzle. Even a great pianist must first learn the keys one at a time before the progression of harmony evolves into a full composition or concerto. It is the same with athletic movements where complex movements, in this case even sprinting, must first be broken down into key elements.  Our SMT format addresses first addresses vital muscle imbalances and power leaks before and a solid base before true performance enhancement can follow.  Our segmented movement training format addresses and implements the specific set of components necessary to give them the most efficient vehicle.
Our progressions travel from slow to fast, simple to complex, and isolated to integrated, in a one-step at a time puzzle approach.
The Masterpiece

The T&F athlete must constantly develop and refine their skills, ever working toward the masterpiece of the best possible run, or jump or throw.  The coach and athlete must assume the viewpoint of a sculptor, who must intentionally scrutinize his work, as he meticulously shaves away at imperfections and even add more substance when too much is taken away.
Welcome to what will assuredly be another promising summer as we continue the pursuit of excellence, out on the track. After having many of our athletes receive personal best marks, qualify for state, several medal and with seniors advancing on to college, now is the time to build upon the foundation by taking advantage of the summer months, training and competing in several quality track meets. Typically faster athletes hail from southern climates where it is possible to run outdoors year ‘round. The heat allows the muscles to loosen and lengthen compared to the colder climates. Rather than moving south, we will take advantage of the two to three months of warm weather have in Illinois, and the state of the art training facility at DIPT.
Deep Impact has been in the business of enhancing untapped genetic potential within amateur and professional athletes for 15 years with much documented success. As we continue to strive toward excellence latest advancements in sports medicine research, combined with old-fashioned principles of diligence, focus and perseverance through adversities. This formula is an overview of what makes us unique. It is in this pursuit that we will engage as the new Summer Track & Field Club, particularly for the serious, competitive scholastic athletes.

Athletes: Got Speed?

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Elite Level Training

  • Efficient Sprint Mechanics
  • Energy System Development
  • Address Muscle Imbalances
  • Gait Analysis
  • Strength/Bodyweight Ratio
  • Block Starts
  • Video Analysis

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