NSCA Certified, USAT&F Level I Coach

Founder of DIPT, Coach Olen is one of the country's renown leaders in athletic development. With his reputation built on integrity and results, he spares no expense in supplying the best possible means and methods for optimum performance, due to imbalances, injury and ignorance. For the past 15 years, Coach Olen continuely gives each one of his athletes unmatched passion and compassion that not only brings athletic results but character development. He is a true leader that can inspire and push an athlete beyond their limit to achieve their goals. Read more about Coach Olen at dipt4sports.com


CSCS, MA, USAT&F Level II Coach

Coach Paul has extensive experience in track and field. He has been involved in all collegiate levels from Division I to Division III. He was the head coach of Harper College's nationally NJCAA DIII ranked cross country team, as well as assistant coach of the track & field team (National Champions 2009) from 2008-2011. Paul was four times named Coach of the Year at the junior college and college levels. He is also passionate about Olympic style weightlifting and power lifting. Not only does Paul instruct proper form and technique to other athletes but competes himself on a National level. Read more about Coach Paul at dipt4sports.com